Retouching your photos – Healing

 How often do you need to get rid of a blemish in a photograph. I personally like to leave mine showing the person’s character so I wouldn’t remove something like a  mole but those dreaded pimples are often on my teenagers photos. There are many ways to deal with this but one way is using the clone stamp. This is a very clear tutorial from PSDFANextras that shows you step by step how to retouch. It is great for home photographers wanting to retouch a photo as well as more advanced users.

Professional Retouching Tutorial: Healing (Part 1) | PSDFan

Adding B&W to photos

From Kerrie this tutorial shows you how to take a colour photo and change to B&W and colour emphasis certain parts of the photo. Written for Photoshop CS versions it can be adapted easily for PS Elements or Paint Shop Pro.
You can also download the pdf HERE

Adding B&W to a color photo for emphasis
Start with any color photograph. 
Wedding pictures are great for this tip.
Duplicate the image

Convert duplicate image to grayscale (select  IMAGE>>MODE>>GRAYSCALE and click OK). 

Then Select all (CTRL+a) and copy (CTRL+c). 
Go back to the color photograph and select EDIT>>PASTE LAYER 
this will add the grayscale image on top of your color photograph layer.

On the grayscale layer, use your eraser tool 
And erase all the parts where you want the color to show through. Make sure you adjust your brush size and be careful around the edges. To be more precise, press your Caps Lock key to change the cursor to a cross-hair.
Then save your photo under a new name so the original will not be affected.