David Hockney’s Fresh Flowers, An iPad Exhibition At The ROM

I was in Toronto just before christmas and stumbled on an interesting exhibition in the ROM [Royal Ontario Museum] David Hockney an english artist exhibited his drawing on iphones and ipads. Not only were they beautiful drawings but it raised an interesting new way of looking at art. How was he to exhibit them ? The most interesting was the question – if he drew on ipad and then sent to a friend was what he sent a copy or an original work of art – after all it is exactly the same as the original. Those of you of an artistic bent may enjoy the thought diversion and an exploration of David’s work. You can find his official website here.

DRAWING A PERFECT CIRCLE – for Photoshop beginners

New to Photoshop ? I hope to bring you some beginner tutorials. I taught myself and often found the simplist things wasted heaps of my time. So let’s start with drawing a perfect circle or other shape.
Take a look at the toolbox [ I am using CS3 so your version may be slightly different.]
Scroll down until you see the square and you can either right click or drag to the right on it to open the box up.

 You can use these tools to draw shapes. Here are some examples.

To use these tools to draw a perfect circle or square you simply hold down the shift key while dragging your mouse. You can use this on custom shapes as well.

That is it. easy wasn’t it ?