Patterned Paper Packs

I have 2 new paper packs available in my store now.
Patterned Papers 1 is a pack of 12 inch digital papers.[300dpi]. 7 papers are patterned and 3 are coordinating plains. They each have individual textures and edging.
Use these for your scrapbook backgrounds or in your digital art, journalling or crafts.


 Patterned Papers 2 is a pack of 12 inch digital papers.[300dpi]. 7 papers are patterned and 3 are coordinating plains. They each have individual textures and edging. This set is in bright sunny yellow and orange with touches of blue. They have been gamut checked.


Technology – new ways to be creative ???

I had a couple of nights in Toronto in December and visited the ROM [Royal Ontario Museum] and considered myself very lucky to stumble on an exhibition by David Hockney called Fresh flowers. I often struggle with my love of technology as sometimes I feel it saps my creativity. How easy is it to check your emails in the morning and find yourself still on your computer hours later. There are never enough hours in my day even without my computer interfering.
What was interesting about this exhibition was that it was drawings on iphones and ipads.
David began to draw on his iphone first because of the luminosity and convenience and then for friends – sending them a new bunch of flowers every day. This raised all sorts of questions – bot about the new medium and about the new way of distributing the pictures. He says in the exhibition notes [sent from his ipad]  ” I have always been an advocate of drawing. The teaching of drawing , I always thought, was the teaching of looking – very good for everyone. Who would have thought that the telephone would have bought back drawing.”
You naturally then ponder as he did are the pictures sent to friends reproductions ?  How could they be seen collectively without changing the nature of them. This led to this exhibition.
I don’t want to break copyright and show you any drawings but you can see them on David’s website here.
The exhibition had laid out many iphones and ipads showing David’s drawing as well as enlarged screens to sit and watch the actual drawing process. A video of David drawing in a cafe was also included. I found it full of color and vibrancy and interesting to engage with. His skill is remarkable but in case you don’t know David is not a young person. He was born in 1937 and was a key figure in the pop art movement in the 1960’s.
You can also read a great article about David’s passion with the iphone here.
Video on utube of the exhibition is here .
 So I am inspired. I only hope that I can be as in touch with technology when I reach his age.  How do you feel about technology ??  I personally love it but also love the feel of paint,paper,textures and as a throw back to my college years the smell of linseed oil. I will pull out my wacom and even download Brushes for my Iphone  but still think maybe a computer free day a week is a good idea.

Where do you see beauty ??

I was pottering around the garden on the weekend in between showers of rain. It has become overgrown with weeds as we have had a month at least of wet weather. Much as I love rain I admit it is getting depressing and I need a bit of sunshine. I took the opportunity while the ground was soaked to pull a few weeds but got a little sidetracked by how beautiful the water drops looked even on some hairy weeds. Before I pulled one out I took a quick photo. Where do you see beauty in unusual places ? Does a weed inspire you ??

Simply Patterns and a gift

Every designer can use a stash of simple patterns. You can use them in so many ways they are an extremely versatile tool. This pack of ten patterns are in jpg format. You can simply place them over a colored background and play with your blending modes for varied effects or layer them with paper and textures to get more involved effects. They can even be used over photographs for some interesting effects.
Each overlay is 12inches at 300dpi.
These are ok for commercial use.
In my store here.

Like to try them out ? I have made a paper with one of the patterns. the light version is with blending option luminosity and the dark paper is with linear burn. One overlay – 2 effects. You can get these papers here if you would like to use them in your personal projects.

Living creatively – does your home impact on you ?

Does your environment hinder or help your creativity ? I have been musing on this as I have for a long time felt my current house does not help me feel creative. That may sound crazy to some of you but I am sure others will know what I mean. I love old houses, because I am Australian that means the queenslander style. I also love brick, fireplaces, low lights, gardens, terrace houses, new york style apartments with old walls big windows, all the triplex’s in beautiful Montreal. I have lived in several homes and each probably had things I liked. I realised however that I have spent a vast amount of my life trying to work with what I had to change it and make it a creative home for myself.
If I lived in a stark house with white walls I would be totally depressed. My favourite house was at Buderim on the coast of Queensland. We had a lovely brick house nestled in front of rainforest. the front yard had a huge pond full of frogs and a brick fence and a maple tree that I fell in love with. It was sheltered in the afternoon and we really felt the seasons which is unusual in my part of the world. the interior was dark cosy from the amber wall lights. We had a fireplace as well. I felt very creative in that home.
My current home I have just never come to love. It is a great house and has served my family well. It has lots of positives but somehow just lacks that feeling despite my best attempts to surround myself in things I love.
So I wonder is it the house or just that I have changed. Would I be happier in a different environment ?

I would love to know how others feel about this. How does your environment impact on your creativity?

My art journalling has led to the affirmation that I will live creatively. I had fun making this with Doll Face Art Doll Collection and Yada Yada by Outside the box Design Studio and Pigs in Pink. Both available at

What is Creativity

 How To Be Creative ?

Is the  image of the ‘creative type’ a myth ? This article from Jonah Lehrer  explores why anyone can innovate—and why a hot shower, a cold beer or a trip to your colleague’s desk might be the key to your next big idea.
I particularly liked this quote.
Einstein once declared, “Creativity is the residue of time wasted.”

 “If different kinds of creative problems benefit from different kinds of creative thinking, how can we ensure that we’re thinking in the right way at the right time? When should we daydream and go for a relaxing stroll, and when should we keep on sketching and toying with possibilities?
The good news is that the human mind has a surprising natural ability to assess the kind of creativity we need. Researchers call these intuitions “feelings of knowing,” and they occur when we suspect that we can find the answer, if only we keep on thinking. Numerous studies have demonstrated that, when it comes to problems that don’t require insights, the mind is remarkably adept at assessing the likelihood that a problem can be solved—knowing whether we’re getting “warmer” or not, without knowing the solution.”

Read the full article here.
The comments are thought provoking as well.

Inspiration from Rodin.

This is unique film of that towering figure in late C19 and early C20 sculpture, Auguste Rodin (1840-1917). If you have been lucky enough to visit the Rodin gardens and museum as I have seeing him on the steps is awe inspiring.

We have four glimpses.
[1] Rodin walks up and down the stairs of a monumental building.
[2] He poses in a garden, top-hatted.
[3] He leaves his home, later the Rodin Museum.
[4] He sculpts in what, I presume, is his studio.