I collect lots of things as I hate waste and I love a diverse range of things. Cards are difficult for me to get rid of and I like to recycle them. I had built up a little collection of things and inherited an old forlorn table I couldn’t resist saving from the tip.

This is the result

I gave the top a light sand with some sandpaper. I painted everything except the top with some leftover paint in one of may favourite colors. Next I glued the cards etc etc on the top and the small pic on the lower table. A few coats of varnish over the top of everything and it was done. 
I love this table. It is pretty every time I walk past it and handy for dropping keys etc on when we have guests, it brings warm memories AND it cost me nothing. I used some special cards form my hubby, a bookmark I collected as a souvenir, some odd bits of cards I loved and a couple of digital scrapbook items I had printed out on matte photo paper.

Creative uses for your dud photos.

If like me you end up with lots of out of focus or not quite right photos don’t just delete them straight away as you may be able to use them in your art. I played with my new macro today and it was dull and breezy so i got a lot of blurry pics. This one was of a head on some native grass.

Straight away I thought I could use this to make a texture for my scrapbooking /art journal papers.
I used Photoshop – made a new doc at 12inches 300dpi [standard digital scrapbook size]
I dragged the photo over the top and cropped it.
Then I made a new layer and filled it with a solid color.
Next play with the blending modes till you find one you like. You can get a huge variation in the finished paper this way.
Add a texture and you are done.
Here is my result.

You can also use photos as textures using photoshop’s texturizer under filters. You need to save the image as a psd and then open it in texturiser. This is the result which you can see is more an engraved look. I personally don’t love highly engraved textures on plain colors but if you play a it combining them on your papers as the end step you can get some fabulous effects.

If you would like the photo or papers to use in your art you can grab them from my Flickr free stuff.

Art for your Home no 3 using those travel pics

Another idea I had came from a poster I saw that is around the souvenir shops – a poster of doors. I decided to make my own as I had taken lots of pics of gorgeous doors.
I bought a blank canvas from a dollar type shop. The pics were printed out onto canvas paper. I had worked out the size I needed and used photoshop to get them that size, I laid it all out on the floor and arranged the pics,glued them onto the canvas. To cover any edges I ran a fat marker pen over the joins. A quick couple coats of a mat varnish finished it of and it was ready to hang. The close up shows the last door – my home.
You could make this any size you wanted to. A smaller one would be great with doors that have significance to you.

I hope this gets your creative juices flowing.

Art for your home 2 – what to do with those travel souvenirs

I mainly use my photos as my souvenir of travel – that or books but they are an issue when weight is critical. It is nice sometimes to pick up a little reminder but what do you do with it when you get home. I still have some in boxes but they are on my list to use. I made this awhile ago as I had repainted the bathroom and wanted a view unique things to make it my own.
 I bought this small card at the Louvre and thought it suited the bathroom. I simply printed a sheet that I designed with digital scrapbook graphics, placed the card on top and laminated it. You could just use a beautiful piece of paper or some physical scrapbook items. It was simple, cheap, quick and is a lovely reminder.  It also holds up to the steam in the bathroom. The pic shows the reflection in the mirror.
This would be great for all sorts of souvenirs so use your imagination and get them out of the cupboard.

Art for your home Idea number 1

Do you have travel snaps just sitting in a box or on your computer ? Do you need some art for your walls ?
I loved this photo I took in europe and love interesting frames so it was a perfect match. The wall was crying out for a small picture. The photo is only tiny around 5cm but I find the light on the statue draws your eye in so you go to have a closer look.
My tip is buy frames you love when you see them on sale – eventually you will find the perfect place for them. Keep an eye out at the local thrift shop as well.