More Art Backgrounds and Happy Halloween

Boy I have been busy and it has been even busier at GDS []

It has been devastating watching the Tv and seeing the destruction from Hurricane Sandy. I hope you are safe and have not been impacted too terribly. If you have been I wish you a speedy recovery from the chaos.

It is Halloween night here in Australia. I must say the shops are getting more and more stuff every year but I am still to see anyone knock on my door. I did pick up some lollies yesterday just in case as we have some young families around us.So wishing those who celebrate a fun night.

I have played with some more art backgrounds. These are more dark and based on photos of a fantastic old cemetery in Scotland. I have the full set of 5 on the store and if you like them I have them as a Halloween treat for only $2.25 until the end of the month – actually until midnight on the first. Here is a loo k. There are more closeups in the store and the image is linked.

I made an extra page [not of a cemetary but inside a church] and have put it up exclusive on Facbook here. I have been thinking though that much as I love you liking my facebook page and helping me by sharing my page with your friends some of you may be missing out. If you don’t have a Facebook account and don’t want to sign up for one why should you miss out. So when I post a fan exclusive I will also put the link here for you for the same time. Let me know if you like this by commenting.

So you can grab the gift here.

Enjoy your creative endeavours.


Art Backgrounds

One of my favorite things to do is play with my photos to make digital backgrounds. Partly the reason is if I use my own photos I can be sure there are no copyright issues but mainly it is because I am amazed by the differing and beautiful effects you can get by playing in Photoshop with overlays and filters.
Art Backgrounds 2 is a pack of 5 digital papers. they are 12inch, 300dpi, gamut checked and textured.
How could you use these ?
Some ideas are
as scrapbook backgrounds
add some text and print out for the wall
reduce the size or cop to make cards
as backgrounds for your art journals
print and use in your collage or hybrid art.
Available  exclusively in my store at GDS.


Paper Textures.

Every time I design digital papers of any sort I use textures – often layering a few over photos or colors to get my final product. There are a lot of textures out there in the digital world but as a designer I need to be very careful about Terms of Use. The safest and best way is to make your own or buy from someone you know you can trust who makes their texture files from their own photos or handmade and scanned paper.

I was getting a little bored with my texture stash so I put together some new ones and I have packed them up into 2 packs that are ok for commercial use. They are in jpg format and 300dpi and 12inch square to suit fullsize digital scrapbook pages – but you can use them as you wish.

So what can you do with them ?

Try layering them over a paper or photo and then play with the blending modes. You may be surprised at the variety of results you can get.

Another way I like to use textures is in photoshop’s texturizer. You need the texture as a PSD file and then you can load it and you get a more 3dimensional effect.

You can get these exclusively in my store at



Aperture Explained – Free ebook for DSLR beginners

One of my passions is taking photos. I am no expert but enjoying learning and experimenting. I got my first DSLR [Digital single-lens reflex camera] last year and found the hardest part is just learning how to use the settings especially when i bought my macro lens. I know a lot of people who buy one and then just leave it on auto the whole time. If you feel like that believe me it is not hard to get the basics. I kept putting it off as I started reading and then got confused but I found a great site and a free ebook and even app for iphone that made it much easier to understand and more importantly for me to refer back to when I found myself confused.


To help get beginners off to a quick start with understanding their digital SLR cameras, we’ve put together a free ebook called Aperture Explained. The ebook contains 23 pages of quality information with corresponding photographs to help explain each point. We believe that teaching by example is the most effective way for photography beginners to learn quickly... READ THE REST ON THEIR SITE HERE.


Hexagons and a Daily Download gift.

First I have to say WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe the amazing talent of the ladies using my kit ‘Seasons’ at GDS. See post ‘SOOOO EXCITED’ I have been so happy to wake up each day and take a look at their creations in the gallery.
One thing that came up was hexagons ![ a hexagon (from Greek ἕξ hex, “six”) is a polygon with six edges and six vertices] I always find they remind me of quilts and beehives.

A couple of the ladies in Round 1used hexagons in their layout design and it got me wanting to play.
Here is what I ended up with.

Patterned Papers 8 is a pack of 12 inch digital papers.[300dpi].
This set is based around hexagons and I have included differing colors and styles to give you some variety.
They are gamut checked and suitable for printing.
All 10 papers in this set are individually patterned and textured.
Use these for your scrapbook backgrounds or in your digital art, journalling or crafts.

Every designer can use a stash of simple patterns. You can use them in so many ways so they are an extremely versatile tool. This pack is based around hexagons and is a pack of in jpg format.
You can simply place them over a colored background and play with your blending modes for varied effects or layer them with paper and textures to get more involved effects. They can even be used over photographs for some interesting effects.
Each overlay is 12inches at 300dpi.
These are ok for commercial use.

 If you head into the store today [14th October] it is my time for the Daily Download and you can get this pack of extra papers. Crayon Papers came about as a fortunate result of experimenting.
I was playing making my hexagon patterns and papers and loved the feel of one of my extra papers.
It reminds me of fluorescent crayon rubbed on a piece of rough paper. I hope you like them too.

Hexagons can be fun to play with – try some in your scrapbooking or art.


I am so excited this morning as I woke up to find some awesome creative layouts in the gallery at GoDigitalScrapbooking made with my newest kit ‘Seasons’
The awesome ladies are all contestant in a Supreme Team competition. The Supreme team is a group of CT’s [ creative team members] who work with kits from the designers at the store each month.
I provided the kit for Round 2 and it went out to the contestants last night.
I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see what people create with your kits. I make mine because I love designing  and love the thought I can help people preserve memories or make their own art. We don’t always get to see what people do after they have bought a product so this is a fantastic opportunity to see it used in so many ways.
It is also probably a test for some contestants. After all we all have styles and colors we enjoy. The kit may not be one they would have chosen to work with. This just highlights the creative talent of these ladies. They relate the kit to their subject, manipulate, recolor, shadow, blend and much more to create their own personal masterpiece.
Looking for some ideas or inspiration for your layouts. take a look now and come back at the end of the week to see the rest. Round 1’s layouts are also in the gallery and the kit is very different to mine so take a look at those as well.
You can find the gallery here.
The kit Seasons is available in the store here and it is on sale for the week of the competition.

Have a great day and enjoy your scrapbooking.