Christmas papers with a twist

OH my where did the year go. Christmas is almost upon us so i thought I had better make some backgrounds to use for my Christmas cards. I am decorating my tree in purple as I am not a traditional gal so I made 2 versions of my papers. one in more traditional colors and one not so much.

They are available in my store now and you can grab a S4H or CU license if you wish. Check the store for closeups. These papers are a bit grungy, a bit arty, a bit distressed and a bit Christmas. You could use them for lots of things outside of that.



How to use Photoshop’s Texturizer filter

Whether you design digital scrapbook pages or sell photos you may want to add some texture to your final images. Photoshop has a cool tool called texturiser but the default textures are very limited so here is how to use your own.

I am working in CS3 and for my purposes creating a digital paper 3600pixels square. You need your texture to be as large as the image you wish to apply it to or ensure it is a seamless pattern.

Find a texture you like or scan or photograph your own. I am using one I made.

You need to save your file as a .PSD. I suggest having a folder just of your textures – you don’t want to load them into Photoshops presets as it will slow it down. Name it something you will recognise like ‘canvas’ ‘linen’ ‘brick’. I also save a jpg in the same folder so if I am looking for something I can browse through the folder.

So here is my image I want to texture. [one of my photos with a watercolor overlay.]

So you have saved your psd in a folder. You have your image open in photoshop.

Now open the texturiser. I opened from the filter menu.

You can see the default textures and the last one is the one I last loaded. You need to click on the little arrow

You will now be able to browse to your texture folder and open the texture you wish to use. Photoshop remembers the location for next time. Now my ‘roughweave’ texture is loaded and applied to my image. I can now adjust the scaling and relief of my texture and also play around with the light or invert the texture. These will all give you different effects so play around and see what you like.

Here is a closeup of my final image.

I hope you find this useful. I will be back next week with more cool ways to play with the texturiser. If you want to be advised of new posts you can subscribe by email to my site.


Happy Thanksgiving

I hope those celebrating Thanksgiving have a wonderful family celebration. I am in Australia where it is not celebrated but I always think it is a wonderful time to take a moment to think of what we are grateful for. Our christmas celebrations are our big event where families get together and the traditions cross over.

This whole season is all about giving so if you like the card just click it to download at full size. I also have another gift for you on my facebook page. if you are on facebook I would love you to like me and I regularly change my fan gift. For those of you who aren’t on facebook I don’t want you to miss out so just click here to grab it. I have included the image with and without the text for you. [and of course not with mine] Enjoy.



True creativity

I like to get a little creative fix everyday by browsing the GDS gallery and today this just jumped out at me.  You probably know I am not a traditional girl and sometimes I imagine the Supreme Team have a challenge with my kits. But they are all totally awesome and make my art their art.

This amazing layout was made by Memi – you can see her whole gallery here. She used my kit ‘A Time of Angels‘ and the paperpack ‘Art Backgrounds 4′.

I love everything about this. I love the layering and the poem and the photos blended in but most of all I love the idea. She has taken an old photo and turned it into a meaningful work of art and made my art her own. Thats what I love about creating.

If you make something with any of my art let us know and post a link. I love to see.

Thank you to Memi and all the ladies at GDS.

Beautiful layout art

I love creating and find it a great creative release but I love more when I see my work used by creative people.

How beautiful are these layouts made with my kit ‘ A Time of Angels’ You can see it instore here and don’t forget the coupon code lovemyfans will give you 25% off until the end of the month.

This layout was made by bingomama1966 – you can see her gallery here.

mannymea used it for this lovely layout. Her gallery is here.

Artybacks – watercolor backgrounds for PU and CU

I needed some de-stressing last week so got out my watercolors and paper and sat in the backyard  playing. My plan is to build my stash of resources but I thought I would share.

I have 4 sets instore now. 2 for CU straight from the scanner and 2  for Personal use that have been textured. You could also use them for your cards, art journals, or in your craft.
Use them as overlays over your patterns or photos or add your own brushes/text/designs.

See the extra images instore for closeups. You will find them here.


A Time for Angels

I finally found a little time to get my latest kit instore. I started this one thinking about the gorgeous color of the water in the Whitsundays in Queensland Australia. I was going to make a reef inspired underwater kit but got waylaid by my palette and instead have a totally different kit.

It is a little bit vintage, a little bit grungy and a little bit arty.

You can find it in my store here and if you use coupon code lovemyfans you can get 25% off the full price until the end of the month.

I also made a pack of 5 arty paper backgrounds in the same palette. You can see them here and the coupon will work on them as well.