The March ATC challenge/swap is up now

This month lets talk about Backgrounds.
When you make artist trading cards, the starting point is the background.
If you were making ATC the traditional way you could look around for sources of card with interesting patterns and textures, or you could paint your own or create backgrounds with rubber stamps.

Digitally there are a wealth of designer papers intended for scrapbooking that can be used. Even elements such as tags or mats can make useful backgrounds. Remember we are working small.
Look out for interesting textures like old wood or paint or I love old books and text. You don’t need to reduce the size of these but just use a part of them.
ATC are not the same as making a digital scrapbook layout so it is a good idea to look at yours on your screen at full size [3.5×2.5in]and see how it looks on an ATC. The details you put in a scrapbook layout may be lost.

Backgrounds can also become the inspiration for your ATC.
Maybe you see a paper that suggest something to you – go with it. Maybe it is a time of your life or a place you have visited or even a thought you have had. As you look through your scrapbook or image supplies if one grabs you try closing your eyes and seeing what images come to mind. These could be the basis for your theme.
Another idea for backgrounds is to look at brushes or digital stamps. You could repeat a brush or stamp it big only using a part of it on your background.
As you all use your computer you can also look at digital ways to make backgrounds. Perhaps your own photos or scans. You can even manipulate these with filters in your chosen graphic program to make backgrounds. the possibilities are endless.

If you would like to join in my challenge at GDS I would love to see you. I even have gifts for you.

A valentine gift

It is almost valentine’s day here in Australia and my hubby is away until late tomorrow night. It has given me extra time tonight to play so I am posting a gift for you early. [You may even need it to make your last minute cards]

I hope you enjoy these Designer bits – you can even use them for commercial use if you wish just don’t redistribute as they are. The zip includes both png and photoshop abr format. If you like them please send your friends  here to get them or to my Facebook page

You can get them just by clicking here.


Even more Designer Bits

I have 2 new packs of Designer Bits instore now.
Designer Bits are resources for designers.This pack has 10 wavy edges in png format. They are 12inches at 300dpi
The wave is on one edge. You can use these to edge your papers – just clip the paper to them. You can also use them to add waves of color to your backgrounds or to create elements. These will save you heaps of time making your own.

The second pack has 10 circles in both png and as a photoshop brush [abr]. They are varied thicknesses and styles. Great for coffee stain effects They are approx 4.2inches at 300dpi

These are ok for commercial use
I don’t require credit and you can read my full TOU here.


Lots for ATC Lovers

Life has finally started to almost be back to just the normal chaos and I have taken some time to play. I have several new products in the GDS store especially for Artist Trading Card [ATC] lovers. I love these as they are so versatile. They are smaller in size but can be used for craft,cards,ATC , altered art projects in your digital art journals or even as mats or smaller elements in your digital scrapbooking. I hope you find them useful.

New Artycards

Arty Cards make it easy for you. I have done the basic work and you can print as is or add your own photos/text/art.

The zip contains:
the 6 card fronts in individual jpeg – 4 x 5.25 inches
the 6 cards [front and back] in individual jpeg – 8 x 5.25 inches
Ready to print sheets containing 2 cards on each. These are sized to print on US letter paper but can also print on A4.

Ideas to use these ?
Print as cards for personal gifts.
Use in your digital scrapbook layouts/art as elements/mats.
Use in your art journalling – digital or hybrid
Print and use in your traditional scrapbook pages.

These are Not for commercial use.

New ATC challenge and swap at GDS

So what is an ATC ?
Artist trading cards (or ATCs) are miniature works of art about the same size as modern trading cards baseball cards, or 21⁄2 by 31⁄2 inches (63 mm × 89 mm), small enough to fit inside standard card-collector pockets, sleeves or sheets. The ATC movement is said to have its origins in Switzerland.In 1990. Swiss artist Vanci Stirnemann was inspired by a collection of hockey trading cards and wanted to make a collection with his own art. Printing costs made it not feasible but in 1996 he decided to make the cards by hand.

One of mine

The first exhibition of 1,200 handmade cards took place in April 1997 at a bookstore and gallery in Zurich, Switzerland. Visitors were encouraged to make their own cards to trade with Stirnemann and others at the close of the exhibition. This style of art now has a worldwide following.
While this was the start of the modern movement the idea of trading small works of art is not new.
Even as far back as the 16th century art cards or miniature paintings were pupular. they were mainly portrains and swapped. Advertsing on the cards came next – in france and later in england. Even the impressionists found a use for art cards – trading them for supplies,food etc and thye sued them to study each others styles.
In 1887 ‘baseball cards’ began to appear. Baseball was in its heyday in the early 1900’s and the cards began to appear in products such as bubble gum, cigarettes.
ATC have been made with a variety of media – wet and dry and now in digital or hybrid.. The cards are usually traded or exchanged. When sold, they are usually referred to as art card editions and originals (ACEOs).

So there’s the history now for the fun.

There are no rules in ATC except the size. We will be looking at more facts in the coming months but for this month let’s just get started and play.
Our challenge this month is to create a digital ATC.
This month our theme will be Love

Mine is going to double as a card for Valentines day

If you would like to join in you will find us in the GDS forum.

I am also celebrating with promotions on my ATC products although it is not a requirement to use them.