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New in my store

Spattered is a set of 9 backgrounds. They are 12 inch. I hand painted and scanned these and then cleaned them slightly in photoshop. I have not textured these to allow yu more flexibility but they have a natural texture from the paper they were painted on.Use them as overlays, textures or as the basis for all your art and journalling projects.

Ok for Commercial use.

Spattered - CU Textures

Commercial Use Buttons

Q3CWRSKJA7BF We are moving and have had an offer on our house so I have been going through years of collecting and came upon some buttons I had from my grandmother and Mum that I had kept for craft projects. There are some really cool retro ones in there.

I scanned them and extracted each to use in my scrapbook kits and have bundled them up as a Designer resource. In my store at GDS now separately and in a bundle. there are closeups in the store as well.

DESIGNER BITS - Buttons Bundle

An Astronomical offer – just kidding

GDS is starting a new promotion of product lines this week and I have joined in with some new additions to my Astronomical Kit.

The kit and the extras will be on sale for one week. Images are clickable.

These are the new papers
Astronomical Addon Papers
and a new ATC sheet
ATC Art - Astronomical
Some of our amazing team have some layouts with the kit. You can find their galleries at GoDigitalscrapbooking.
By olivia
from memi
from bombalurina59

Why I love recycling

Those who know me will know I love all things old and hate seeing anything wasted. I do tend to collect things. I am in the process of decluttering as we have decided to sell our home and downsize substantially and this week I have been adding things to websites to give things away. I use Gumtree and also a local freecycle group.

You would be amazed at what people will take. My happiest moment was when I listed some 40 year old mosaic tiles I had kept for the past 7 yrs. We ripped up our entry floor then and the tiles were on a mortar bed but as we took them up we found some came off so I kept them with the plan to one day use them in a project that I did not get around to. There was about a 4 litre icecream container full. I had stopped hubby taking them to the dump a few times so I put them up to giveaway. I had a reply an hour later from a person very local to me. I left them out for her as I was going out but by chance drove back in just as she arrived to get them. She was so excited as she had bought an older home and the kitchen benches were tiled with pretty much the same tiles. They had bought an old timber dresser and had been looking everywhere for some small tiles to put around the edge of it and mine were perfect.

I cannot tell you how happy that made me. Recycling is all about not taking things to the dump and finding new ways to use them but it is more than that for me.  There is joy in knowing I helped someone, that they were not wasted and that they found a new life.

Just now I posted an old birdcage that has been in my shed for at least 5 years. We got our use out of it as we got it cheap way back when we bought it. Seriously 5 mins later I got an email form someone. her daughter has been saving up her pocketmoney to get a pet bird and she has already collected and is so thankful and excited. That just made my day as well.

So think before you throw ANYTHING. use it in your art and if you can’t then just try to give it away and see what happens. I have never had something not wanted by someone.

New ‘Solitude’ digital scrapbook products.

In between getting my house in a state to sell it I have been busy making some new things. I just got them instore last night so hope you will take a look.

There are 3 paper packs and a pack of elements as well as the addon in the previous post.

The first pack is solid colors in various textures

Next some patterned papers with a more textured and worn/grunge feel.

Some cleaner patterns all still with subtle texture.

You can see closeups of all of these in the store.

A pack of embellishments in png format.

If you grab the whole bundle I also have included the download for the Addon that was a Daily download in case you missed it.

For one week [10-16 April] use coupon code afsSOL to get the bundle for only $6

How beautiful is this layout by Hivart using the bundle. You can find her gallery here.

April ATC Challenge at GDS

This month lets continue playing with our Backgrounds.
When you make artist trading cards, the starting point is the background.
Remember we are working small.
ATC are not the same as making a digital scrapbook layout so it is a good idea to look at yours on your screen at full size [3.5×2.5in or 750×1050 pixels at 300dpi]and see how it looks on an ATC. The details you put in a scrapbook layout may be lost.
Another idea for backgrounds is to look at brushes or digital stamps. You could use a brush or stamp and make it big only using a part of it on your background.

I have a gift of 2 brushes for you but you do not have to use this to make your ATC unless you wish too. We love seeing your own creativity.
Here is mine using using one of the brushes.


This month I would like you to try taking something big and use only a part of it for your background. Why not try using a brush if you have some from the designers that allow us to use their products?
Or you could take a small part of a picture. photo or scrapbook paper/element.
It would be great if you shared something about it – why you used it, how it inspired you.
Once you have your background under control go ahead and finish your ATC off with whatever elements text photos you get inspired to use.