She Sells Sea Shells

I recently spent the weekend at the beach honoring my parents wishes that their ashes be scattered in the ocean where we holidayed when I was growing up and later they lived for many years. I held onto my mother’s ashes and after my father passed away in June they were mixed together and scattered into the sea.

I have wonderful memories of long walks on the beach collecting shells and the old saying ‘She sells sea shells by the sea shore’ just stuck in my head as I started to play making my latest kit.

Layout by roknbear

by bombalurina59

and by annfo

I also have matching patterned papers available.

A small digital scrapbooking gift.

I keep seeing Flairs everywhere in the digital scrapbooking world. For those who don’t know ‘Fairs’ are just like badges and come from the real world flair badge. They can be a cool digital addition to your digitalscrapbooking layouts or craft.

I played the other night making some from my latest kits so keep an eye out. If you are on Facebook I have a set as my Fan Gift. You can see my page here and  I would love you to like me if you are a Facebook user. Now is a great time as I only need one more like to have 200 fans and am working on a special gift to say thanks.

I know many of you are not on facebook and don’t want you to miss out so here is the link.

If you enjoy these the minikit Leap of Faith is in my store here.

United We Art – an art journalling alliance

Art brings people together, including  Altered Amanda (aka OTBDS) and myself, Sharon of Art for Scrapbooking ! An Aussie and a Yankee, we teamed up to create United We Art, unashamedly celebrating ethnic art. Create art journal or scrap pages, altered book pages, decorate folders, clipboards for the new school year!

You can get it in either of our stores. or

Are you up for a challenge

Did you know that GoDigitalscrapbooking has a heap of challenges every month. There is sure to be one for you. Scrapbook challenges can be a great motivation, give you ideas and also are a great way to get some great rewards as well.

I am hosting my own challenge here and if you join in you get this posting bonus minikit.

Each challenge has it’s own reward for you to collect and they will build up to a great co-ordinating kit. You can find a challenge to suit you here.