A free gift for sharing your ideas.

I am looking for ideas for the year for my designing so thought I would give those willing to help me a free gift.

What kit theme you would love to see in 2014.

Just reply with your suggestion here and you will get this gorgeous gift from MyMemories designer Agnesingap

AND if I use your idea then I will give you the kit I make as well.


Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Still got Christmas photos to scrap ?

It has probably been a crazy busy time in your house but as you clean up from Christmas what about all those photos you took. Now is the time to do something with them otherwise I can guarantee they will end up in a random folder on your computer or worse still in your camera or phone ready to be lost.

SO GET THE CAMERA NOW [that was for emphasis not yelling]

Download a copy to your computer and back it up.[twice is a good idea]

I always think it is pointless taking photos in the age of digital unless you do something with them. Share them with your family [ But and it is a BIG BUT] if you do it on facebook be very very careful with your privacy settings. If you need help just ask me as this is something I am very concerned about.

Now to more creative ideas 

How about putting a couple of them with the year between laminate and packing away with your tree ready to hang up next year ?

You can always fit in another frame maybe make it a tradition that some christmas shots stay up for a year.

If you haven’t made a calender yet now is a great time to shop for digital Calender templates – just google it or visit MyMemories or a Digital Scrapbooking store.

Why not take some time out and make an album now and add a new one every year. After all photos were not taken to be hidden in drawers or left on your camera but to remind us of the good/bad/funny or sad times.

If you are up for some digital graphics shopping I have reduced all my christmas items at MyMemories [ and there are lots more then mine there] if you are a novice I do recommend the MyMemories software as being simple to use. All of my products purchased there can also be used in other graphics software. You can get $10 off the purchase of MyMemories software JUST COPY AND PASTE THIS CODE – STMMMS1992

Here is a little inspiration made by my wonderful Creative Team member Ann with my A Colorful Christmas bundle.

ann-a colorful christmas-1st christmas-72AColorfulChristmas-bundle

Learn to use your DSLR and more

I love my Canon EOS550 but find I leave it on automatic. When I look through all my photos to pick some to scrapbook I often wish I had taken them better or had a better camera. I saved and got the camera last year and a macro lens as a birthday and christmas present but find I still resort back to auto mode.

I will be honest – this post is a shameless but honest plug for my cousin Tanya’s new photography course BUT before you stop reading please stick with me. Tanya and her partner live in the beautiful Australian Whitsundays and live and breath photography. Their website SLR Photography guide has been around for many years and it’s google ranking shows you that they know what they are doing. It is a sensible guide to using your camera.

But I honestly think the best thing about Tanya is her approachability. When I got my camera I bugged her continuously and she was always happy to help AND explain in terms I could understand. If you take a look at her facebook page you can see many thousands of people appreciate her help.

Need more convincing – just take a look at her awesome photos on Shutterstock

Tanya has developed her own iphone photography app and also offer free ebooks on her website but her new venture this year is the online photography course and for any of you longing to visit Australia she is also offering one on one live in workshops.

I have signed up for the new course as it is affordable and a great opportunity. Work at your own pace. There are no deadlines to meet, meaning students can complete the course in their own time and around work and personal commitments. Although we recommend taking it over a 12 week period, you can take the course as slow or as fast as you want. All content will be available from day one. This online course offers a unique way to learn your DSLR camera in that I want you to feel as though I am standing right next to you. No one will be left to struggle alone, as all students are given personal support when needed.”

Your Lifetime Membership [$79 USD] grants you unlimited access to the course site, materials and personal support for no extra cost. You not only have a great reference available to you at any time, but also gain automatic access to any new future content added to the course. You can also earn your fees back through the affiliate program that gives you 25%  on any sales you refer. That is a really good deal.

I started today with lesson 1 and it is clearly written with photos to make sure you know what you are doing. You can find out more including lesson structure here and yes a shameless plug for my affiliate code – I can see myself wanting new equipment as I grow in my ability.

I hope some of you may be able to join me.

Come and join my Digital Scrapbook Challenge

I am hosting  this weeks Scrapbook Challenge at MyMemories

Check it out on the Blog.

EVERY single entry gets the fun *Citrus Mini Pack* just for entering!  So get your page created and get it posted!!  Check back next Wednesday for your prize!!  One LUCKY DUCK page will be selected for an additional prize too!
That prize is $10 to spend in my store.

Some layout inspiration

I am always blown away by the creativity of those who use my digital scrapbooking kits. Here are a few more using my Breana collection. At GDS and MyMemories.

The images are linked if you would like to see more.

Zelo8 is made by hivart



Marzia is the creator of Ipazia and Spring Tulips





and another page by hivart called then1


then1_hivartThank you so much ladies.



INTERESTED ???? EMAIL ME sharon at artforscrapbooking dot com