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New in my store

Spattered is a set of 9 backgrounds. They are 12 inch. I hand painted and scanned these and then cleaned them slightly in photoshop. I have not textured these to allow yu more flexibility but they have a natural texture from the paper they were painted on.Use them as overlays, textures or as the basis for all your art and journalling projects.

Ok for Commercial use.

Spattered - CU Textures

How awesome can overlaid papers be

I love playing with papers and I love taking photos and I get inspired often to just play. I saw the latest work of Christine [les idees de Christine] who paints the most beautiful backgrounds and elements. I bought it straight away as I loved it all but one paper was my favourite.

It took me only a few minutes to find one of my photos I thought would look cool with an overlay.I took a heap of pictures in cairns last year at the kuranda butterfly house.Most aren’t fabulous as the butterflies move around so fast but I picked this one.

I grabbed the paper from Christine’s Carline kit and overlaid it then played with the blending modes. My final pick was linear light. A bit of text added under the overlay layer and here is what I finished with. I love it. Why don’t you have a play and see what you come up with.

Artybacks – watercolor backgrounds for PU and CU

I needed some de-stressing last week so got out my watercolors and paper and sat in the backyard  playing. My plan is to build my stash of resources but I thought I would share.

I have 4 sets instore now. 2 for CU straight from the scanner and 2  for Personal use that have been textured. You could also use them for your cards, art journals, or in your craft.
Use them as overlays over your patterns or photos or add your own brushes/text/designs.

See the extra images instore for closeups. You will find them here.


Arty ATC backs

I have 2 new sets of ATC backs instore now. For ATC [Artist Trading Card] lovers. 8 Backgrounds ready sized for you. [2.5 x 3.5 inches]
NB These are NOT fullsized scrapbook papers.
This set are backgrounds based on my own paintings.
The sheet will print on either Us letter or A4. Just print and cut. You also receive the 8 files as individual jpegs.
These will be the perfect base for your projects including journalling, card making and scrapbooking as elements.
I have included the sheets and jpgs textured and untextured to give you more choice.
They are 300dpi and gamut checked.

NB These products also includes the sheet in PDF format  PDF files are simply opened with Adobe Acrobat [free] for printing.

Only in my store at


Distracted by Cats

I live with a very old [at least 17 yrs] Cat named Wanda. We adopted her after my son’s friend had way too many cats. I have hanging on my wall a very special painting given to me by my beautiful daughter for a birthday present – of our cat.

I love this painting – not only how great it looks but the fact that my daughter made it herself to give me as a gift. I was a little distracted this month making a pack of cat related digital graphics inspired by her art. If you are interested you can find it in my store here.

I collect lots of things as I hate waste and I love a diverse range of things. Cards are difficult for me to get rid of and I like to recycle them. I had built up a little collection of things and inherited an old forlorn table I couldn’t resist saving from the tip.

This is the result

I gave the top a light sand with some sandpaper. I painted everything except the top with some leftover paint in one of may favourite colors. Next I glued the cards etc etc on the top and the small pic on the lower table. A few coats of varnish over the top of everything and it was done. 
I love this table. It is pretty every time I walk past it and handy for dropping keys etc on when we have guests, it brings warm memories AND it cost me nothing. I used some special cards form my hubby, a bookmark I collected as a souvenir, some odd bits of cards I loved and a couple of digital scrapbook items I had printed out on matte photo paper.